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by Arin Takeuchi |



You’ve left work and headed straight to your favourite 5pm Vinyasa Flow class. At the end of those 60 minutes, while lying in savasana it’s safe to say that any fuel you ingested over your lunch period is near completely depleted and your body is yearning for a re-boot meal to fully realize and embrace the benefits of the physical practice you just endured. Spark Fresh Bar was not only the location for B Yoga’s last photo shoot but is also a perfect location for a post yoga meal as they provide everyone who walks through their door with the means and sustenance to feel the best within their bodies.
  It’s not every night you have the time, ability or energy to head home after class and whip up a balanced, healthy and satisfying meal that you can still feel good about after spending the last hour in the hot room.   Although the entire menu is enough to make any yogi’s mouth water, the Shredder Bowl is B Yoga’s top pick on this local Toronto eatery’s super-fresh menu. This favourite is filled with microgreens, beets, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, pickled onions, mushrooms, fennel slaw, pecans, avocado and served on a bed of brown rice with ponzu tamari. For some moisture Spark has added just the right amount of tahini dressing and smoked hummus on top.    
  It’s so important if you are regular in the physical practice of yoga (or any physical practice for that matter) that you are fuelling and re-fuelling your body accordingly. If you are unable to prepare meals everyday at home find a community gem like Spark or plan meals ahead of time. Everybody’s needs will be different however no one can argue the benefits of an unprocessed, freshly prepared array of produce and proteins to aid the body’s overall health.   Be mindful in your choices and your body will thank you in the form of healthier more efficiently running systems within the body, a more restful sleep at night and overall more energy during the day to take you through life and your next visit to your B Mat.
  If you're in Toronto and want to check out Spark Fresh Bar see where their located right outside Ossington Subway Station, their Instagram and their Facebook.