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by Arin Takeuchi |

Cold-Pressed Juice

So you’ve had your blissful full-nights sleep, powered through your hot flow, chowed down on a balanced, nutrient filled meal and now your yearning for that cherry on top on the checklist to feeling radiant and energized to take you through the rest of your day and beyond.

Our friends at Village Juicery were kind enough to personally fuel and revitalize our yogi-models and the team during our last B Yoga photoshoot. Each of us received a juice that would give us exactly what we needed to really kick-butt. With a deep rooted belief in “you are what you eat”, being informed in what you are consuming, and the importance of supporting local business, the Village Juicery stole our heart with their authentic and yummy take on something as fundamental as human health, not only for yogis, but the population as a whole.



As we discussed in B FUELLED- Part 1, life in the modern world moves quickly and while we are so lucky and privileged to have a multitude of so many things, time isn’t always one of them. When we find ourselves in a time crunch, our health can often suffer. Now it’s not to say you can neglect your health, drink juice and magically be healthy BUT the Village Juicery does inform us that, “95% of the vitamins and enzymes our bodies require can be found in the juice of raw produce”. This is simply underscoring the benefits of supplementing your already very important health regime with some cold-pressed juice.

Village Juicery creates cold-pressed juice by using a hydraulic press extracting the fruit and vegetable nectar directly from the pulp. This means that the juice you end up drinking from their recyclable glass bottles has the most concentrated amount of vital nutrients and enzymes of any juice or “juice-like” product.


There are limitless combinations and opportunities when it comes to juice however our favorite Village Juice on photoshoot day had to be the deep red bottle of Be Active. Filled with 60% fruit (pear, apple and lemon) and 40% root (beet and ginger), this juice went down rich, refreshing and smooth. Beets are great for nerve and muscle function due to the high levels in potassium and vitamin C, ginger and lemon aiding in good digestion and pear and apple creating a great balance of sweetness, it was obvious the benefits Be Active had on our yogi-bods and we were more than happy to indulge.


All in all, the main benefit of drinking cold-pressed juice is quite straightforward. Increase your consumption of raw fruits and vegetables! You will be better nourished, leading to a higher-functioning immune and digestive system, increased energy during the day, a better sleep at night and a reduced risk of disease. Not only will you feel great but also this will result in a healthier and therefore happier version of you! Head over to Village Juicery's website, Instagram or Facebook to find a location that carries their liquid fuel closest to you!