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B MAT + your body + your blanket

by Arin Takeuchi |

Composed by 6mm of rubber, our B MAT Strong cushions and cradles your joints, limbs and body during your asana practice. Yogis with arthritis, who are pregnant, have joint pain or have mainly a yin/restorative practice where postures are held for very long periods of time have come to swear by the physical benefits of using a this "super mat". 
Tightness, soreness and stiffness in the body, unfortunately can't be solved by a yoga mat but can indeed weigh on on the mind during your practice. As an aid to your body, next time you hit your B MAT grab a blanket on your way. Whether at home or in the studio a blanket may be just what you need in the following postures: 
Corpse Pose (Savasana):
Slouched Shoulders or Tight Chest?
Laying on top of a folded or rolled blanket placed vertically along the spine allows the chest and shoulders to melt toward the mat and in doing so opening the heart, chest and shoulders.
Reclined Bound Angle (Supta Baddha Konasana):
Closed Hips?
Lay the blanket flat and horizontal across the knees and hips this will apply the slightest amount of weight allowing to mildly enhance the stretch but at the same time provide warmth and aiding in more relaxed muscles in this posture.
Half or Full Lotus (Padmasana):
Poor Posture or Sore Back?
The lift that comes with placing a blanket under the hips allows room for a forward tilt in the pelvis (the more times you fold the blanket the higher the lift) and in doing so creating space to pull up the spine aligning each vertebrae versus the common slouch or curvature that can easily happen in this posture.
Child’s Pose (Balasana):
Sore Knees or Tight Hips?
If you find your hips are hovering in the air in this posture or you would simply like a more restorative experience, rolling the blanket into a cylinder and placing it behind the knees allows the hips to rest onto the blanket taking the “work” out of holding this posture.
Always find a mat that best serves your practice AND your body. Never be afraid to experiment and use props, you may find them to be your best yogi-friend and exactly what your body needs.