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The B MAT Cork, B Yoga
The B MAT Cork, B Yoga
The B MAT Cork, B Yoga
The B MAT Cork, B Yoga
The B MAT Cork, B Yoga

The B MAT Cork


The B MAT Cork offers a 100% natural cork top surface with a 100% natural rubber reverse. A great eco-friendly mat option offering superior grip when damp. Quick drying and 4mm thick, this B MAT is an elevated take on the traditional yoga mat.


  • Durable

  • Eco-friendly

  • Anti-microbial properties

  • Natural rubber reverse

  • Grippy when wet

  • Made of natural, biodegradable materials that can be recycled


  • 72” x 24”

  • 4mm thickness 

  • 5.1 lbs

  • Top: 100% cork 

  • Bottom: 100% natural rubber 


  • Cleaning the top (cork side) of the yoga mat is recommended once a week with normal practice.

  • If used daily or for hot yoga, clean the cork after every practice. This helps prevent the body’s oils from building up and keeps the mat looking and smelling fresh. 

  • Spray the mat with The Cleanser and air dry with the mat laying out flat.


  • Cork Mats become grippy when wet. For non heated practices we recommend spraying water where your hands and feet are in order to create a desired grip. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Holy. This mat is the BEST. It doesn’t smell rubbery after practice, I stick to the mat rather than slide when I sweat, and it rolls up so nicely, barely even have to try. It’s also eco friendly which I loveeee what more could you want out of a yoga mat??? Thank you BYoga!!!

Looks great but not as non-slip as advertised

I was so excited to get this cork mat because of the reviews that it was non-slip and that it was a sustainable product. It is a beautiful mat and love the no-rubbery smell. However, After using it almost daily I am a bit disappointed that my hands and feet are still slipping during my yoga practice. I Wondering if the regular mat would have been a better choice now?

Sticky, smooth, and very comfortable

At first I was worried about how cork would hold up with consistent use, but after using this mat daily for just over 8 months now, I am convinced that this is the best mat I've ever had. It is easy to clean, a great thickness, and just keeps getting better with use. It rolls out to be perfectly flat (no curling on the edges) if you wipe it down with a bit of water and doesn't slide around or begin to fold like other mats I've used. I love the feeling of the cork on my hands and feet much more than the rubbery surfaces of other comparable options. The mat is grippy for both hot yoga practices and normal practices and doesn't get worn out or smelly! If you are looking for a durable, beautiful, grippy mat that can be used for all kinds of practices, this is it.

Ashley Parker
In love!

I wasn’t sure about switching from my standard B Mat Everyday but have really been wanting to try a cork mat. I love it! It has really enhanced my at home practice! Thanks B Yoga!

Hi Ashley! We are incredibly grateful for your kind words. Thank you for sharing this review with us and our community!

Best Purchase

I sweat so much and this never slips and dries very quickly.
Also, and I didn't know this would matter to me until I was doing yoga outdoors... but all that purple/blue plasticy shit... feels so fake and weird, compared to the natural, earthen cork material when it contacts your body - it really does make an odd difference.
I've bought three for friends and they've loved them too - one novice and one an expert.