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Questions and answers

  • Are you a Canadian Company?

    Yes! We are proudly a born, raised and operated Canadian company.
  • Where is your head office?

    We currently have two offices. One in Burnaby, BC, Canada and one in Markham, Ontario, Canada.
  • Where are your products made?

    Our products are made in many different places, from all over the world. Check out the product FAQs below for details based on each product or each individual product page.
  • Can I return my order?

    We are happy to return your purchase as long as the product is still in its original packaging and you are within 30 days of purchase. If you purchased your B Yoga products elsewhere, that establishment's return/exchange policy then takes effect.

    Sale items are a final sale. No returns or exchanges are accepted.

    To return your product that was purchased online, please send an email to with the subject "Return," and in the body include the details of and reason for your return.

    A customer service representative will get back to you shortly after that with further instructions.

  • My product is damaged. Can I return it?

    We are sorry to hear something has gone wrong with one of your B Yoga products. We strive to develop all our products to be of the highest quality, free of manufacturer defects. We aim that everything you purchase from us will support your practice for years to come. If this has not been your experience and something has gone wrong, we want to help! Please click our contact link at the bottom of the page and send us an email. Disclosing pictures of the problem, your order number and the date purchased will help expedite us get you a speedy resolution!

    Unfortunately we are not able to accept returns for items that have been damaged, altered, or improperly used. Some examples:

    Normal wear, scuffing, or discolouration that does not impact product performance Punctures or wear due to damage from outside elements or use from activities other than yoga (or similar fitness activities) Creasing due to improper storage Bolster covers that tear due to improper storage. Damage due to improper care, including use of harsh chemicals, machine washing/drying (where not advised by product care instructions)

  • Do you only sell online?

    We do not currently have a physical store front, but you can be sure to find us at a studio or retail location near you. If you need more detailed information on locations in your area that carry B YOGA, feel free to email us.
  • How do I use my coupon code?

    Fill your cart with the items you'd like to purchase. Click the cart icon in the top right corner. Enter your coupon code in the "Coupon:________" spot on the page and hit apply. You will see a new total with the discount now applied. Fill out billing and shipping information. Fill out payment information. Place the order.
  • What if the item I want is out of stock?

    We will always do our best to keep our ecomm shop as stocked as possible. If there's an item that you want that is out of stock, trust us, we are diligently working to get this item back in stock. Keep checking back!
  • Do you do backorders? Can I order something in advance?

    We do not take backorders or orders for SOLD OUT items. We do restock most of our items when the run out of stock so keep checking back or email us for more information on the status of a particular product.
  • Do you take phone orders?

    At this time all orders placed must be done so through our e-commerce channel ( Get in touch with us on our contact page if you are having troubles and we'll help you through the process.
  • I made a mistake in my shipping information, what do I do?

    If you realize you have made an error in your shipping information please email us immediately with your name, order number and the address revision to prevent any shipping delays or your package being returned to sender.
  • How do I change or cancel my order?

    If you need to change or cancel your order, please contact us immediately at All orders that have been canceled before being processed/shipped will be refunded to your credit card after a few business days. We are not able to cancel an order after it has already been processed/shipped. We are happy to refund your credit card once the order is returned back to us. Please see return policy for details.
  • When will my order ship and how do I know my shipping charges

    Shipping is automatically calculated prior to submitting your payment information. Simply add items to your cart and proceed to the Checkout page where you will be offered Shipping Method choices and their prices. We will ship your order within a few days after we receive payment from you. Note that shipping times may increase during peak times of the year (holidays/sales).
  • I want to order wholesale. How and where do I do this?

    CLICK HERE and fill out our Wholesale Form. A sales rep will be in contact with you to answer ALL your wholesale questions.
  • I live in Markham / Toronto or Burnaby / Vancouver. Can I pick up my order?

    All orders are automatically fulfilled and forwarded through our warehouses. With that said, unfortunately we are unable to accommodate pick-ups for orders.
  • How long does it take for my shipment once I place my order?

    We will ship your order within a few busines days after order placement. Note that shipping times may increase during peak times of the year (holidays/sales). Once orders are sent out the travel time will vary based on shipping destination.
  • How will I know where my order is / my order's status?

    Once your order is processed and shipped you will receive an email with a tracking number. You can follow its journey to you from there!
  • Do you have any coupon codes right now?

    The best way to stay in the loop about coupon codes or promotions is to follow us on social media @byoganow (Facebook, IG, Twitter) or sign up for our newsletter here on the site!
  • I missed your sale, can I still get your sale price?

    Unfortunately once a sale has ended these coupon codes expire and cannot honour the sale any longer. Check out the question above on how to stay updated on promos as they happen!
  • Do you do teachers discounts or have an ambassador program?

    We do have a wonderful ambassador program that all 200hr+ RYT and studio owners are eligible to apply for online on our website --> Ambassadors tab. Check out this page to see if you would be a good fit. We look forward to hearing form you!
  • How can I stay up to date on news, promos and events?

    The best way to stay in the loop about coupon codes, new products or promotions is to follow us on social media @byoganow (Facebook, IG, Twitter) or sign up for our newsletter here on the site!
  • Will you sponsor our Instagram challenge?

    Any Instagram inquiries can be sent to Please indicate the dates of your challenge, the theme of your challenge, handles of all hosts and products requested.
  • Will you donate product for our event / studio / contest?

    We are always looking for ways to support and connect with the yoga community. Please email all inquiries to specifying dates, contact information and the products/donation requested.
  • How do I day-to-day clean my mat?

    The best way to clean your B MAT is by wiping the surface on a regular basis with plain water and neutral soap or use our tested and approved B CLEAN Mat Spray. Alternatively you could whip up a cleaning solution with enzymatic action by mixing half water and half vinegar or lemon juice. Any of these options are a effective gentle cleaner, great on a B MAT surface.
  • How do I give my mat a deep clean?

    If you feel like giving your mat a deep clean you can hose it down or soak it in a bath tub, max 30 degree water, with a mild soap (warning: saturation of the mat material can contribute to a degradation of our logo).
  • Which chemicals can I use on my mat?

    Avoid using solvents or harsh abrasives as these will break down the compounds that keep the B MAT grippy and supportive.
  • How do I dry my B-Mat?

    Hang your mat over a shower bar or ledge to air dry. You can take it outside to dry, but if you take your mat outside to dry, keep it in the shade to avoid direct sunlight and avoid hanging it over metal or wood. Draping it over a plastic bannister works great. Because B MATs are like a sponge, a fully saturated mat may take 48+ hours to dry out. Leave yourself enough time to have the mat dry before you practice on it.
  • Can I leave my mat outside to dry?

    It is best to avoid prolonged periods of direct sunlight (an outdoor yoga class is still a go though!), as sunlight can oxidize the rubber material of the B MAT therefore compromising its grippiness and colour. This can occur directly if left outside in the sun OR indirectly through car/home/studio windows. So yes, you can leave your mat outside to dry. But no, do not leave it outside to dry directly in the sun.
  • There is a yellowish tinge or soapy suds in the runoff water when cleaning my mat, is this normal?

    It's competely normal to see runoff water being a tinge off-colour and/or some soapy suds coming out of your mat when washing. Proceed to wash and dry as directed. These are just components of the interior layers coming forth in the washing process due to being fully saturated.
  • How do I roll and store my B-Mat?

    When your B MAT is not in use, it should be stored indoors, away from direct sunlight. Direct sun exposure to your B MAT can cause UV damage and dehydration. Your B MAT can be used outdoors, however it should never be left in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. When rolling your B MAT for storage, please roll it with the logo facing the outward. This will prevent creasing in your B MAT.
  • What is your B-Mat warranty?

    There is a one year warranty on all B MATs. Warranty is only in effect if mat has been cared for in accordance with our Care and Maintenance Instructions in the B MAT Cleaning section of our FAQ. Warranty will not cover damage caused by sun exposure, improper care and maintenance, dirt or stains or any alterations made to the mat.
  • What are the various B-Mat specs?

    All B MATs are 26" across and either 71" (regular length) or 85" (long length) long. For weights and thicknesses, see the specs section of the various product pages.
  • Where are B-Mats made?

    Your favourite supper grippy mat is made in Spain!
  • What is the lifespan of a B-Mat?

    This is dependent on a number of things. 1) How often you practice. 2) Your style of practice. 3) How you care for your mat. Our mats are made of high quality ingredients and constructed to withstand heat, sweat, and a vigerous vigerous vinyasa flow, several times a week for several years. If you clean your mat gently after each class are store it away from sunlight between practices you will be able to extend the life of your mat for 3+ years.
  • What are B-Mats made out of?

    Our mats are 100% rubber (both natural and synthetic). Natural rubber is inherently super grippy and antimicrobial in nature making it perfect for a sweaty practice. The synthetic portion we use to increase the durability and longevity of the mat. This means you will have a mat that lasts longer and you won't have to replace as often (less waste), while having the peace of mind that the mat itself is still biodegradable over a long period of time.
  • I have a latex allergy, can I use a B-Mat?

    The latex component in our mats is deproteinized, meaning the the allergen is removed (hypoallergenic). That said, we like to be on the safe side so we still do not recommend our mat if you have a latex allergy.
  • Do you use azodicarbonamide in B-Mats?

    No, our mats are 100% azodicarbonamide free.
  • Do I need a towel on my mat in a hot class?

    The use of a towel in class is purely a personal preference. If you're worried about slipping, the B MAT's grippy texture keeps your asanas in place without a towel. Some yogis prefer adding a towel to their mat if they are prone to sweat A LOT or if they enjoy the added cushioning. Again, personal preference.
  • My mat is dusty, what should I do?

    Dust is totally normal when you first start using your new mat. The surface texture of our mats attract dust at first because of their grippy texture. The dust attraction will go away after you’ve used your mat for a few weeks – all the more reason to get your yoga on!
  • There is a nick on the edge of my mat, what should I do?

    Don’t worry, this is normal and will not lead to your mat deteriorating. Our mats are hand cut without big machinery which can lead to some imperfections along the edges.
  • My mat is slippery, what should I do?

    One of the best aspects of our mat is their extreme grippiness and lack of slippery surface. In some cases yogis find there is a period of 5 or 6 practices where they "break-in" the mat before they feel the full benefits and glory that is a B MAT! If you are experiencing a slippery mat over a longer period of time, we need more info to find out why, such as how it has been cleaned and cared for. Please email us at and we’ll talk through this together. You could also try adding a hot yoga towel for an additional layer or absorbency and see if that makes a difference.
  • When will you be launching different colours?

    If you're interested in a particular colour mat feel free to leave us this feedback on social media or email us with requests. We'll let our product development team know what you yogis are looking for.
  • How do I know which thickness mat I need?

    Check out the product descriptions on the shop area of our website to see the benefits of each thickenss of mat.
  • Is there a smell to B-Mats?

    B Yoga greatly prides ourselves in not using harsh chemicals, finishes or sealents on our mats. With that said any smell omitted from our mats is going to be the natural rubber scent which is inherent to the material used to make up the mat. This natural rubber scent is most apparent (but still fairly mild) first out of packaging but will dissipate with time and increased air exposure.
  • The outermost part of my rolled up mat looks lighter in colour than the rest when I unroll it. What should I do?

    Not to worry. This colouring is just this area of your mat exhibiting dryness. It is the only area of the mat directly being exposed to air when rolled so this only makes sense (especially if you are in a dry environment) but dont worry it doesn't effect the functionality of your mat. Spray some water on this area and/or bring into a humid environment (ie: steamy bathroom or hot yoga room) and continue use. This area of the mat should rehydrate with no problem. Also, try rolling your mat from alternating ends each time you use it to avoid this.
  • How do I use all these props? Do I need all of them as a beginner?

    Head to each product's product page to read up on the uses of each product. You can also find specs and details! You definitely do not need ALL the props as a beginner but they will each have their own benefits so take the time to learn about the various props and if you think they will benefit you. Still have questions? Email us at and ask one of our staff, we all have a love for our yoga practice and should be able to help you out!
  • How do I clean my cork products?

    The great thing about cork is that the natural material is inherently antimicrobial which means it is fairly low maintenance. If you want to clean your cork products you can try a natural antimicrobial spray (like the B CLEAN) and wipe, or you can place your cork product in a ziplock bag with some baking soda and place the bag in the freezer overnight. Just like that, fresh cork props.
  • How do I wash my B Apparel?

    We recommend a cold water machine wash with similar garments followed by a low heat tumble dry for all B APPAREL and B WARM products. 100% cotton garments have been pre-shrunk to minimize further shrinkage.
  • How do I know my size?

    All our products are industry standard sizing. That said, all our styles are of a "relaxed fit" nature so when in doubt, size up!
  • Will my bolster / mod cushion / zabuton feel just as amazing as my Halfmoon one? Are they made the same?

    You got it! Our manufacturing facility in Burnaby, Canada makes all our soft goods for the Halfmoon Soft Goods and the B CALM Soft Goods! This means that you have 30 years of long standing quality behind BOTH brands goods. Check out the product pages for variances in details, embellishments and textiles between brands.
  • Do I wash my B Calm products?

    We encourage you to head to the product page of the product in question and read up on it's care instructions! When in doubt, hand wash in cold water and hang dry. If you still have questions, email us.
  • What size does the phone pocket accommodate for?

    The out-of-sight, out-of-mind phone pocket fits up to an iPhone 8+
  • There are two different mod cushions on your website. What is the difference?

    As of Fall 2019 we are moving to all our Mod Cushions having a removable/washable cover with the buckwheat hulls encased inside. This means that you no longer have to funnel out the hulls and funnel them back in, everytime you want to wash your cover with this new MOD CUSHION w/ REMOVABLE COVER version of the Mod. The previous non-removable cover version will remain on the website until they've all found great yogi-homes.